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Create. Collaborate. Captivate.

Explore a collaborative community of passionate artists. Discover how your unique perspective can make an impact on our mission.

Applications will reopen Fall 2024.

Cinematic Arts and Production Club is where enthusiasts lead enthusiasts to improve and create the best films possible. We're committed to a fast-paced, production-focused environment.

Team of 1848: Gold at CAPFest

There are two ways to get involved in CAP Club. Choose the track that resonates with your passion and skills.

CAP Club tabling on Sproul at UC Berkeley

General Membership

Application due 1.27

CAP Club's general membership offers an immersive and comprehensive film production process, designed to fast-track your learning and produce the best films possible. Your journey begins with a written application. The application window typically opens two weeks before the semester starts and extends until two weeks into the term. To fully engage with our community during this time, we strongly encourage you to participate in our various events and meet us during tabling.

Harrison Oswald at a CAP Club info session

Info Session + Recruiting

Online: 1.23 at 8:00pm

In-person: 1.25 at 8:00pm

Genetics and Plant Biology, Room 100

During the written application period, we host an in-person info session and an alternate online info session. Here, you'll understand our club culture and discover the diverse opportunities that await. There will also be a networking session, so you can get a chance to hear directly from our members about their experiences, the projects they've worked on, and how the club has shaped their filmmaking journey. We also table every day and participate in Calapalooza, the bi-annual student involvement fair.


until February 4, 2024

Selected candidates will be asked to interview with a current member. Details for the in-person interviews will be provided to selected candidates after the written application deadline. This semester, application decisions will be released on February 4, 2024.

Members at a CAP Club development sessions

Development Period 

Upon completion of the interview, selected candidates will be invited to complete a film development period. This fast-paced, four-week program aims to offer an insight into our regular filmmaking cycle. You'll produce a short film that is screened to the Berkeley community, understand how our club functions, and get to know the rest of the team. Successful candidates will be invited to join our organization as general filmmakers.

Steven Zeng during a Special Project Group shoot

Special Projects Group

Applications due 1.27

This is CAP Club's commercial branch where members partner with companies across the Bay Area. SPG delivers a wide variety of commercial needs, such as corporate videos, advertisements, music videos, and more to diverse organizations and individuals. Roles within this group are particularly suited for business-oriented individuals, tech enthusiasts, and media creators with advanced skills looking to deliver creative value to market. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply to CAP Club if I am not a Film major? 

Yes! Our members come from all walks of life. We pride ourselves on being inclusive of all, regardless of academics or personal identity. We invite all registered students of UC Berkeley to apply, as long as you have a love for film, basic experience in film processes, and a desire to be a part of the production aspect of filmmaking.

How competitive is CAP Club? 

The level of competition for membership varies each semester, reflecting the growing interest in film at UC Berkeley. However, we strive to provide opportunities for students with a love for film to exercise their passion.

Can I join CAP Club as a transfer or exchange student? 

Yes! We welcome all transfer and exchange students to apply to CAP Club, no matter how long your time will be on campus. As long as you are enrolled at Berkeley, you are welcome to fill out an application!


If I am not selected, can I apply again next semester? 

Yes! We encourage unsuccessful applicants to reapply in subsequent semesters. Our organizational demands and competitive nature influence the number of applicants we are able to accept each semester. There is no limit on how many times you can apply to CAP Club!


How much time should I spend on CAP Club? 

Depending on what stage of film production we are in, the demands of CAP Club fluctuate weekly. In addition, since much of the work is self-dictated, the quality of your film often depends on how much time you can set aside for club work. During the most intense stages of production, you might expect to spend up to 10-20 hours/week perfecting your work!

How long does Development Period last? 

The duration of the Development Period fluctuates depending on the academic calendar for a given semester. Our goal is four weeks, but this may be subject to change depending on the academic calendar each semester. The Development Period is mandatory for all incoming members.

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