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Cinematic Arts and Production Club welcomes any current student of the University of California, Berkeley to submit an application. Any student who wants a unique experience to make movies with fellow like-minded students from the Berkeley community are encouraged to apply. No prior film experience or otherwise is required.

We evaluate each candidate on a holistic basis and consider all aspects of their application, including but not limited to, a written application, interviews, and organizational fit.


CAP Club's semesterly recruitment process is primarily composed of three stages: written application, interviews, and a development period. We want to see your passion and dedication to film and the filmmaking process!


  • Application: The written application will be open for students two weeks prior to the beginning of each semester, while we will stop accepting applications roughly two weeks after the first day of instruction. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis during this one-month timeframe. Applications are closed for the Spring 2023 semester, but we will be recruiting again in the fall.

  • Interviews: Selected candidates will be asked to interview with a current member. Details for the interview will be provided to selected candidates after the written application deadline.

  • Development Period: Candidates may be invited to join the organization upon the completion of their interviews. New Members admitted into the organization must complete a development period that will last 4 weeks, where they will participate in a version of our regular filmmaking cycle designed to teach the fundamentals of filmmaking.


Can I apply to CAP Club if I am not a Film major?

Yes! Our members come from all walks of life. We pride ourself on being inclusive of all, regardless of academics, personal identity, or filmmaking experience. We welcome all students at UC Berkeley to apply.

How long does Development Month last?

Development Month fluctuates depending on the academic calendar for a given semester. Our goal is four weeks, but this may be subject to change depending on the academic calendar each semester. Development Month is mandatory for all new members.

If I am not selected, can I apply again next semester?

Yes! If you are not selected, we encourage you to apply again. We try to take on as many new members as possible, but sometimes our organizational demands influence the number of applicants we are able to accept each semester.

How much time should I spend on CAP Club?

Depending on what stage of film production we are in, the demands of CAP Club fluctuate weekly. In addition, since much of the work is self-dictated, the quality of your film often depends on how much time you can set aside for CAP. During the most intense stages of production, you might expect to spend up to 10-15 hours/week perfecting your work!

Let's keep in touch.

Thanks for subscribing!

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