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We are the most production-driven film club at UC Berkeley.

We are a group of passionate students who believe that the best way to learn film is to do it. We help students reach the next level by practicing what they love most and learning from each other. 

Film excellence

At CAP Club, we believe ​in the power of storytelling. We strive the push the boundaries of student filmmaking by creating the highest quality projects possible. In addition, we host the largest student film festivals at Berkeley, gathering over 400 attendees each semester. 

We offer our members amazing industry speaker opportunities, collaborations with projects across Berkeley, access to film equipment—and of course, an invaluable space for our members to engage in an immersive learning environment that not only fosters technical skills, but also encourages creative thinking and nurtures leadership qualities.

Recently, our work has been recognized at film festivals and competitions, showcasing our commitment to excellence. However, our true success lies in the growth and development of our members and the positive impact our stories have on our audience.

A story of community

Our journey began in 2018 with a small group of film enthusiasts who were driven by a single goal—to create the most production-driven community for students passionate about cinematic arts. Today, we stand as a thriving community of filmmakers who are dedicated to working tirelessly on dozens of original production every semester.

We are a club of leaders and collaborators. Inclusive and diverse, we celebrate the multitude of talents that contribute to the world of cinema. Whether you're a writer penning captivating narratives, a director with a vision that knows no bounds, a cinematographer capturing the essence of emotions through lenses, there is a place for you in CAP Club.

But we don't stop there. We embrace all talents, even those beyond the traditional roles. Are you a brilliant musician? A skilled makeup artist? Or maybe you have an unwavering passion for producing and coordinating. Whatever your talent, here, you are valued.

Our core values

Our core principles make up everything that we do and guide our commitment to great filmmaking.


Storytelling: We are committed to the art of storytelling. We believe that every great film begins with a captivating narrative. We celebrate diverse stories that explore the human experience from different angles, not limited by medium or genre. Storytelling is the soul of our creative process, driving us to be authentic and thought-provoking in order to create films that resonate with the world.

Production: CAP Club thrives on consistent production. Each semester, teams have the option to produce at least two films. Production at CAP Club is not limited to big budgets or elaborate sets; it's about resourcefulness and creative problem-solving. Being on set often is an exhilarating adventure that we truly believe is the best way to experience filmmaking. As a result, our members iterate many times and learn quickly.

Community: We believe that great films are born from collaboration, where diverse skills intertwine to create art. Together, we celebrate each other's successes, learn from setbacks, and grow both as individuals and as a collective. Our community extends beyond the walls of our club. We actively engage with the larger filmmaking community, collaborating with other clubs, organizations, and industry professionals.

An upward trajectory

After growing our membership exponentially in 2022-2023, CAP Club is meeting the next recruitment season head-on. We are looking to refine our talents, expand our knowledge, and create club initiatives that will make the filmmaking process even more engaging and refined for our members. 

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