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We are the most production-driven film club at UC Berkeley.

We are a group of passionate students who believe that the best way to learn film is to do it. Whether you are interested in cinematography, screenplay writing, directing, or sound design, we are the club that will help you reach the next level. Watch our reel below to find out what we've been working on.

A story of community

The Cinematic Arts and Production Club was founded in 2018 by Alan Kim with the mission of allowing more student filmmakers at Berkeley to share their stories through motion pictures. We are now an organization with over fifty diverse, talented individuals who work tirelessly on original productions every semester.

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Originality, Production, Community

Our core principles define the direction of our club and our commitment to great filmmaking.​

Originality: Each semester, we create new short films to showcase to the Berkeley community. By giving each of our teams as much independence as possible, we allow each of our projects to remain original and unique. We want filmmakers to produce the content that moves them.


Production: CAP Club is the most production-driven film organization on campus. Each semester, groups will go through the entire production process twice. As a result, our members can utilize their expertise while also taking advantage of opportunities to learn new skills. 

Community: Our club is a place to make films with people who are genuinely interested in the process. Making films is about cooperation and teamwork, so our community thrives on its diversity and variety of skills. We hope that CAP Club can act as a hub for the filmmakers at UC Berkeley to meet, share, and create.

Our first film​

"Rustic and Authentic" was CAP Club's debut film. The premiere attracted over 100 people. The production involved all members, who worked from writing an original screenplay to finding talented actors and actresses both on campus and across the Bay Area.


"We really focus on optimizing every member's skillset to create cohesive production teams."

—Alan Kim

Thriving through the pandemic

In 2019, we made one film. In 2020 that number became eleven. In the first half of 2021 alone that number became fourteen. Even as the COVID-19 pandemic slowed down film production around the world, CAP Club found a way for our members to community and remain creative, even overseas. Our members took the challenge of working remotely and came up with innovative new techniques that resulted in truly entertaining films.

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"We always find ways around obstacles and have the attitude that anything will get done."​

—Hope Hawkins

An upward trajectory

After tripling our membership in 2020-2021, CAP Club is meeting the next recruitment season head-on. We are looking to accelerate our growth even more, and create club initiatives that will make the filmmaking process even easier for our members. Are you ready to be a part of it?

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