Benjamin (Michael Madden) joins an underground criminal organization to hunt down his sister's kidnapper and murderer.

Created by Alan Kim, Chloe Forssell, Flynn Gray, Isabella Carreno and Charlene Wang.



Our screenwriting team is the focal point at the beginning of each semester, as we create unique and meaningful stories to share with the Berkeley community.


Pressure brings out the worst of us, but for two best friends, it will bring out their most ingenious inception.

Created by Francis Chalissery, Addison Kalanther,  Shinji Lin, Jayden Song, and Natalie Stone

Rememory (2021)

Elena (Christina Masnyy) struggles through coping with the loss of a loved one.

Created by Ekansh Agrawal, Shamus Li, Christina Masnyy, Kenneth Choi, and Jessica Malow

ALEX (2021)

Alex (Shinji Lin) pursues the discovery of emotion.

Created by Alan Kim, Shinji Lin, Sara Jhong and Siddarth Ramkrishnan.

THE DUET (2021)

A lonely college saxophonist's life changes when he discovers the jazz partner he's been looking for all along.

Created by Francis Chalissery, Melissa Hernandez, and Flynn Gray,


A man suffering from sleepwalking disorder begins to suspect that he is not the only one roaming around his apartment at night.

Created by Cristian Rodriguez, Emory Larson, Anna Moghaddam, Siddarth Ramkrishnan and Sebastian Diaz.


A woman takes an experimental drug to cure her hearing loss.

Created by Stefan Inzer, Christina Masnyy, Hope Hawkins and Ekansh Agrawal.


A guy reminisces on his past relationship so that he could better understand himself and move past the loss of love. 

Created by Carlos Altamirano and Daniel Saraf.

CLARITY (2021)

Arithmomania (n): an abnormal compulsion to count objects or actions and make mathematical calculations.

Created by Jarvis Nguyen, Jayden Song and Katrina Lu.


A news journalist books a weekend vacation rental to write an upcoming opinion piece uncovering a traumatic past.

Created by Brandon Bautista, Emory Larson and Reica Ramirez.


A pen can be used in many ways that elevate it to be something more yet it can be squandered just as easily.

Created by Cristian Rodriguez, Anna Moghaddam, Harrison Oswald and Natalie Stone.


chelicera (n.) : one of the anterior pair of appendages of an arachnid often specialized as fangs.

Created by Alan Kim, Natalie Stone, Shamus Li and Jarvis Nguyen.

UNDONE (2020)

Three post-apocalypse survivors struggle to live in their newfound reality, but it may not be the reality they believe it is. 

Created by Hope Hawkins, Siddarth Ramkrishnan, Emory Larson, Addison Kalanther and Brandon Bautista.

9:00 AM (2020)

Stuck in a rut, one man will do whatever it takes to break his cycle.

Created by Cristian Rodriguez, Jarvis Nguyen and Louis Kunin.


A college student discovers some things never change as he navigates his midterm in the COVID era.

Created by Neel Choudary and Addison Kalanther.


From fast food drive-throughs to mental breakdowns, everything that can go wrong does in a professor's Zoom class. 

Created by Shinji Lin, Sara Jhong, Christina Masnyy, Ekansh Agrawal and Anna Moghaddam.

GIGI (2020)

A ghost's daily efforts in coping with quarantine during the Halloween season.

Created by Katrina Lu, Stefan Inzer, Zia Reigh Calpito and Debby Chen.

CATNAP (2020)

After her cat tears up her homework and runs away, a girl goes on an inter-dimensional journey filled with portals and body-switching to get him back.

Created by Belle Nemo, Siddarth Ramkrishnan and Dina Alhassani.

GRANOS de SAL (2020)

A young man struggling with superstition remembers his lost family as he searches for peace and closure.

Created by Carlos Altamirano, Katrina Lu and Alan Kim.


A man's troubled experience with something as simple as enjoying breakfast.
Created by Emory Larson, Shinji Lin and Luke Benson.

DAWNING (2020)

Two students adapt to today's new definition of morning and university life.
Created by Debby Chen, Reica Ramirez and Josef Alejandro.

2:43 (2020)

Strange moments throughout a man's day reveal the truth behind his reality.
Created by Jayden Song, Jessica Mallow and Hope Hawkins.


Michael and Christie unintentionally stereotype and misunderstand each other in the midst of filming a documentary at Ms. Dinah's Restaurant.

Directed by Can Takka.


Struggling in college, Reese finds it difficult to move past his high school memories.

Directed by Alan Kim.